Marketing usecase based on blockchain

This week I stumbled upon the following article:

Liverpool gets its own currency 

The company colu from Tel Aviv  has generated a local digital currency for Liverpool. Local currencies are not new. Many municipalities use some kind of local coupons to buy in the suburb, often linked to local festivals that take place in limited periods.

To map such actions digitally so far was extremely complicated and finally not done, since it’s technical to complicated so you quickly missed any ROI. With a public blockchain comes almost everything therefore what you need. It still lacks a nice front end for the user and for the point of sales, that’s it.

The costs for the infrastructure go against zero, the investment costs are very low and the system is safe.

If you thinks about this use case, you quickly come to the conclusion that you can simplify various marketing processes with blockchain technology. In some countries, less in Germany, couponing is a huge business. Customers collect coupons in advertising or cut out from newspapers and get a discount at the supermarket checkout for special items. You can save a lot of infrastructure by mapping this with the blockchain.

As a rule, these data are collected and analyzed with marketing databases. If you link the use case with the preceding “claim to endorse” article, you can see that you can not only manage coupon values, but also assign these to the registered users.

In order to depict such systems conventionally large databases are necessary, the blockchain reduces the most infrastructural costs dramatically.

The couponing example can be perfectly combined with the customer card idea, which is no longer physical output, but only as a wallet that would make the processes really slim and fast.

Marketing based on blockchain is in a really undeveloped early state, it has the potential to become the blockchain killer use case.