KW 17.16 – Weekly Blockchainers Recap

ECB – works on blockchain  The European Central Bank works on blockchain concepts, but they don’t talk about their own currency, they just spend some work on distributed ledger technologies (DLT). Since R3 announced Corda the big players don’t talk about blockchain anymore, they use the description DTL. more IBM IBM launch a blockchain cloud service, you can start your own test environment directly at the Bluemix site. Local Meeting in Ethereum Space: the Ethereum-MZ meetup Last week there was an Ethereum Meetup in Mainz (at the Hipster space dock eins mainz, an old customs port). So, Mainz really is a beautiful city, but with 200.000 citizens, why is there a Ethereum Meetup? For a really good reason: Heiko Hees, core developer of the Ethereum Python client pyethapp, which is one of the Ethereum Foundation supported clients, founded his company brainbot technologies AG there. Heiko and Max from brainbot gave a introductory talk about Ethereum and an insight in developing for the platform with the Ethereum wallet to an interested and active auditorium. Several people had to leave at 11 pm for Frankfurt, but would have liked to stayed even longer. Nice, interested people, cool location and last but not least beer & pizza. Thanks again Heiko & brainbot! If you have the opportunity to go to the next meetings, you should not hesitate.